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Men's Design Cut

Your stylist knows that you need a cut that is up to date, and directly reflects who you are. Our Men's Design Cut is a cut all your own that you and your stylist will create together.


After your first visit with your stylist, we offer a complimentary neck trim in between hair cuts. This service allows your hair to look neat and trim until your next haircut.   


Short haircuts are generally appropriate for most men, but are especially well suited to men who are athletes, or who lead active lifestyles or those who work outside and want a style with minimal maintenance. Shorter haircuts are almost always the best option for men who are balding or thinning. Most short styles require very little styling and will require more frequent haircuts to maintain a neat appearance.


Medium length haircuts are appropriate for most any situation, especially men who work in a professional environment. The advantage to a medium length haircut is that it can be versatile; styled conservatively for the office or add styling product to mess it up for a night out on the town. Medium hairstyles require more maintenance in the morning, but also fewer trips to see your stylist.

Longer hairstyles are more suited for men in creative professions or for those who have more time to spend on their hair. Long hair often does not work well for men in professional office environments or for men who are balding, as it  will require more time for styling. Styling options can be somewhat limited for long hair as well. Longer styles require much less frequent trips to see your stylist.

Beard Grooming

Trim away stray hairs, condition your beard and polish your appearance.

Polish your overall appearance. We trim away stray hairs and give you a close shave around the beard. Then, we condition and brush the hair to give you a polished and handsome appearance.

Men's Camo Color

Camouflage gray and turn back the clock in ten minutes.

A new technology that camouflage your gray hair in ten minutes. The result is naturally blended color that camouflages your gray hair and turns back the clock.

Men's Haircolor

A new color to cover gray or change your haircolor.

You begin with a consultation with one of our expert colorists. Together, you decide on the best haircolor for you. The color is applied and you have a great new color in one easy step.

Men's Highlights

Adds dimension to your hair.

Highlights are applied strategically through your hair to add extra dimension by bringing a lighter shade to your overall color. Highlights can be applied to look natural and work with your hair or a high contrast that fits the current trends.

Men's Complete Overhaul

Pamper him with a Complete Overhaul! Feel free to pick and choose which service he will enjoy most!

Complete Overhaul includes Haircut or trim, Hand Detail, Face Detail and 60 minute Massage.

Men's Face Detail (Facial)

This relaxing and therapeutic facial designed exclusively for men focuses on cleansing, exfoliation, and extraction. Face, neck, and shoulder massage is followed by a custom revitalizing mask.

This relaxing and therapeutic Face Detail is designed exclusively for men to focus on cleansing, exfoliation, and extraction. Face, neck, and shoulder massage is followed by a custom revitalizing mask. A home care regimen is recommended to maintain appearance and maximize results.

Men's Hand Detail (Manicure)

Exfoliate dry skin, trim cuticles and buff nails.

We start by exfoliating the dead skin cells off of your hands and forearms with a scrub. Next, we use a heavy moisturizer to soften and moisturize your hands. Your cuticles are trimmed and nails buffed to finish your manicure.

Men's Foot Detail (Pedicure)

Foot soak, exfoliation, cuticle and nail trimming.

While relaxing in a massage chair, we begin by soaking your feet in a therapeutic foot bath. After the skin is softened, we put a foot scrub on and massage it in. The dry skin is filed away and we trim the cuticles and nails to finish the pedicure.